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C&L Flooring Company came into being with a clear vision:

Become the #1 flooring company in British Columbia

C&L Flooring is a flooring Installation and supply company that can offer environmentally friendly flooring products and surface coverings to help you find solutions to all your residential and commercial applications. Based out of South Surrey, British Columbia, we offer our services primarily in the lower mainland and can offer service in the Okanagan and throughout B.C’s Interior.

Our History

We are a family owned company that supplies quality work. Our company values our employees and functions as a team. A team that is solely focused on delivering the highest level of service and quality work to our customers.

Heard this before on the many contractor websites? Us too.

Although all those traits do apply to our company, we have built our success on two simple principles that we think make us stand out.


Firstly, we provide education on the project in your home or work space. We treat you the way that we want to be treated.

As consumers, when faced with something we don’t fully understand, we feel more confident putting our hard-earned money into the service we receive when we have been given the tools to make informed decisions.

At C&L Flooring we provide the education and expert opinion you need with regards to your flooring project or home renovation, meaning that when you invite us to your personal space we will provide that education.

Whether you end up hiring us or choosing another capable contractor, we will offer free of charge information that will help you make important decisions about your home or work, based on facts.

When we complete our consultation we will ensure that you leave with answers to all of your questions, a great understanding of each of the necessary steps to complete your project, and the confidence to ask the right questions when interviewing other contractors. We want you to be able to compare apples to apples.


Our second foundational principle is transparency. One of the biggest reasons for our company’s success is that we walk you through every step of the quoting process and costs associated with each step. We ensure there will never be any surprises, pop-up costs or hidden fee’s. We guide you through the quoting process and explain in detail what issues may be expected.

In construction we sometimes uncover things that can increase costs and timelines. We will have these possibilities laid out for you before our team comes in to your space. In some cases, we can’t accurately quote certain aspects of the work but you will have a good sense of what to expect.

Whether you call and invite us to provide a quote, have a question about your current project and need advice, or are making the move to a DIY project, we will always make time to help and provide information to assist you in getting the best possible outcome. The same outcome that we would want for our own family. A high-quality job that is well done for a fair price with no surprises.  That’s our guarantee.

Coriey Kelly, Owner

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