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LVP and VCT are both vinyl based flooring solutions which are often considered to be interchangeable, but in reality they have some differing characteristics. The  vinyl  flooring installation process for both products is similar, however different glue compounds are required. The main difference between these products is that one is generally considered for residential purposes (LVP) and the other for commercial and industrial (VCT).


LVP does not require regular maintenance beyond simple washing. It is also slightly more water resistant than wood based flooring products when in click form, and is completely waterproof when planks are glued directly to the subfloor.


VCT is always used in commercial and industrial settings and must be glued to the sub-floor directly. It then needs to be stripped of its top coat before 6 coats of industrial wax are applied to the surface.


Every 3 months VCT will need to be stripped and re-waxed. The waxing process reduces damage to the, often expensive, tiles and keeps the tile shiny and reflective. One of the main reasons you see these types of tiles in large shopping spaces, such as Walmart and grocery stores, is because of the durability in extremely high traffic areas, as well as the light reflecting characteristics, which brightens the space cutting down on lighting costs.

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